Parashat Lech-Lecha in Rhymes

Here’s for fun: I made a brief introduction to each Aliya in the Parasha, in rhymes. Enjoy!

It can be read by two people, which is why I made it in two colors (bold and regular)

First Aliya

This is the Story of Avram, Sarah and Co.

From when they left Ur Kasdim, a while ago

God said “Lech-Lecha” – go to the unknown land

And when the time comes, everyone will understand

That you are a blessing for the world,

You’ll be wealthy, and your name shall be heard

In Canaan they arrive,

And to settle they may strive

But hunger struck, oh-no!

So pack up your suitcases, and down to Egypt – we go!


Second Aliya

Welcome to Egypt, where we have the Nile and bread!

“Where can we find a good breakfast and bed?”

“Just in case something goes bad-

We really have to think ahead

– say you’re my sister, we have the same dad”

But Pharaoh had a different idea,

And Sarai to his palace, was taken to see-a

Well G-d didn’t like that at all,

And he sent plagues on Pharaoh – household and all

So Sarai and Avram back to Canaan he sent

With gifts and good stuff and lots of money he spent

Third Aliya

Family matters – did we ever mention?

That even back then required attention?

So we’re telling you now, we can say that you’ve heard

That Lot’s shepherds fought over grazing their herds

“Let’s not have a fight, you do not have to stay

You go live in one place, and we’ll go away!”

Sarai and Avram – they went down to Hebron

And Lot and his shepherds – went to Sodom

“Now look all around you” said G-d to Avrom

The time will arrive, indeed it shall come

When you many children, this land will call home


Fourth Aliya

“Extra! Extra! Read all about it!

Kedorla’omer – or how ever you pronounce it

Has came with his buddies to squash this rebellion

Four kings against five, what a battalion

Lot – he was captured, so Avram has heard,

So in hot pursuit he and his people were spurred

What a chase it was, half the country they ran

But they rescued Lot, and every woman and man

And so with a royal banquet, to put it to rest,

The king of Shalem, Malkitzedeck, did attest:

“Thank you, Avram, G-d bless you – you’re the best”

Sixth Aliya

“I am G-d who took you out of Ur Kasdim,

to inherit this land, that was the scheme”

“But how will I know, that these children, you see,

Will inherit the land, that I cannot foresee?”

Let’s make this a Covenant, A Brit, an Agreement,

For suffer they shall, working hard, with enslavement,

But they’ll make it out, very soon, you will see,

And that’s how you’ll know – because they will be free!

Avram and Sarai had no children, and were old

“So marry my maiden, Hagar” he was told

A child she bore him, his name – Yishma’el

To find out what happen, you must listen well

But one last thing must change: Avram’s designation

From now on it’s “Avraham – the Father of Many Nations”.

Seventh Aliya

Now here’s the deal, G-d said, let’s not wait

When every baby boy turns days eight

You must make a Bris, it’s called circumcision

So Avraham’s household all followed this mission

Now one last thing, said the Lord, k’nain a hora

Your wife’s name, Sarai, from now shall be Sarah

With these two new names, Avraham and Sarah,

You’ll soon have your children, bli ayin ha-ra

Believe it or not,

Do not feel indignation,

So laugh all you want,

But you’ll be a great nation