Sinai and Ice Wine

In this video, Tzvi (Greg) Lauren and I talk about the experience at Sinai and what it means to us – over Gat Shomron’s superb 24k Viognier Ice Wine

For Parashat Yitro – the Parasha of the Revelation at Sinai – Tzvi and I share afterthoughts on the Parasha. We talk about different wines as well as display art I did in 2014 on the parasha, seen below.

Tzvi Lauren is co-founder of and my partner in the “pod” cast Tasting and Torah.

In these images, Moshe sits to judge the people, as they stand in line all day, awaiting their hearing. Yitro did not like this, and told his son-in-law, Moshe, “It is not good, that which you are doing”! I chose this scene because it is off the beaten path, it’s not the usual focus of art in this parasha. And I did it over winter break when students were on vacation, because I had committed myself to this series. Interestingly enough – I made a large mistake in the picture, which my art teacher pointed out (hint: it’s a chronological issue) – can you find it?

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